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Kim Sinh – The Art Of Kim Sinh

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Gai Luong is a typical popular song format in Vietnam based on the traditional music with the influence from China or Western Europe. Kim Sinh is blind and the leading singer in the field of Gai Luong. He is great and not only sings he also plays such instruments like Dan Nguyet, Guitar and steel guitar and creates music world of wide range of repertoires.

Track Listing:
1. Mot Thoi da Yeu (Time of Love) - 8:20   2. Li Giao Duyen - 5:05   3. Khong Minh Toa Lau/Ly Ngua O/Kim Tien Bao - 6:34   4. Ly My Hung/Vong Co - 8:10   5. Truong Tuong Tu (A Long Period of Loneliness) - 7:27   6. Khuc Tah Tinah Ha Tinh (Sentiments of the People of the Ministry of Ha) - 7:27   7. Kieu - 4:39   8. Tha Nuoc Dem Trang (Drawing Water Under the Moon) - 10:33


1. AllMusic - Terry Miller
Cai luong is a theatre of southern Vietnam and unlike cheo, tuong, and water puppet theatres is not supported by the Vietnamese government. Musician Kim Sinh, however, caught the ears of the recording team. While traditional and interesting, he is a northerner performing a "foreign" southern genre.