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Various – Asmat Dream – New Music Indonesia Vol. 1 – Sunda

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The works of four brilliant contemporary Indonesian composers - Nano S., Dody Satya, Suhendi, and Roesli - reflect both their rich Sundanese musical traditions and their experience of present day existence. Traditional gamelan instrumentation, indigenous instruments of diverse cultures, and instruments of the composers' own invention are combined with sophisticated recording techniques. "Asmat Dream" is a unique and thrilling collection of compositions that challenge and redefine our concept of world music.

Track Listing:
E., Dody Satya: 1. Dija - 13:21   Nano S.: 2. Galura - [First Version] - 6:58   Nano S.: 3. Jemplang Polansky - 6:26   Suhendi: 4. Mbuh - 11:47   Nano S.: 5. Galura [Second Version] - 6:57   Roesli: 6. Asmat Dream - 8:35


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