The UK Blues Project – Saved By The Blues


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Not a full-on-barroom-brawl-causing blues (for the most part), but rather a melodic and controlled strain. These are mature blues delivered with passion and precision. Tony Martin puts exceptional vocals (and a wry sense of humor) at the forefront of a band with smooth guitars. Sometimes these gents are rockin' and sometimes they make you just want to sit on the porch and swat at flies. These are people who live the blues and their dedication to their craft is apparent in every note they play. Another appreciated feature of this record is the production quality. It's polished, but not to the point of losing that gutsy feel.

Track Listing:
1. Trouble Again – 5:26   2. Learn How To Love – 6:41   3. Saved By The Blues – 6:02   4. All Grown Up – 3:48   5. Can’t Let Go – 6:11   6. Reminisching – 6:20   7. Warm Heart – 4:22   8. Crazy Dancing – 6:00   9. Games – 5:12

Neil Sadler (guitar), Tony Martin (guitar, vocals, keyboard), Henry Hopkins (guitar), Helen Martin (bass guitar), Scott Hunter (drums)