The Tony D. Band – Get Yourself Some

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Tony D. fronts a maniacal blues band. He and his band put on fire hot live performances full of spontaneous energy. However; can this intensity be captured on a live disc? The answer is yes! It's a 45 minute ride full of extended solos throughout 10 tracks featuring the heavy, raw blues guitar of Tony D. The disc roars out of first gear with the in-your-face, knock you on your butt blues that he has become famous for. The songs written by Tony D excel in contemporary blues and blend in nicely with the covers. The solos from this talented artist are done tastefully and are arranged tightly to fit naturally into the tunes. Throughout, both the CD and the band are solid.

Track Listing:
1. Ride Till I Die - 3:13   2. Hot Little Mama - 4:17   3. Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven - 6:03   4. Wild About You - 4:34   5. Trouble In Paradise - 3:40   6. No Turning Back - 3:51   7. Sugar Coated Love - 4:30   8. You Don't See The Blues Like Me - 4:06   9. Not A Day Goes By 5:54   10. Wonderful Site - 4:18

Tony D. (guitar, vocals) , Nigel Troop (bass) , Zeek Gross (saxophone) , John Agopsowicz (piano) , Fraser Troop (organ) , Tom Barrington (drums) , Peter Fredette (backing vocals)

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