Tendachënt – Ori Pari

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With a different name and new members La Ciapa Rusa is back, one of the most beloved bands of the '80s. The CD includes some unpublished tunes alongside with great hits from the old repertoire after a new and up to date arrangement restyling that make them "...seem completely new!"-some pointed out.

Track Lisitng:
1. 'Nsumma Al Pont Ad Mantua -   2. Tasso Barbasso / Centi -   3. Galantone -   4. Le Stesse Cose Ritornano / La Finestra Sul Mare / Come Tempesta / Piccoli Equivoci -   5. Carli Di Maggio / Giga / Gin Gin / Curenta -   6. Re Gilardin -   7. Gentil Galant / Perigurdino / Sue E Lün-a -   8. Il Frate Cappuccin / Principessa / Mazurca -   9. Draghin / Giga / Monferrina -

Maurizio Martinotti (voice, hurdy-gurdy) , Bruno Raiteri (violin) , Gabriele Ferrero (violin, voice) , Devis Longo (voice, keyboards, piano, flute, soprano, saxophone, ocarina) , Enrico Negro (acoustic and electric guitars, mandoloncello, voice) , Gigi Biolcati (drums, percussions, voice) , Massimo Camarca (bass) , Elena Buttiero (harp)


Tendachënt is one of the groups arisen out of the ashes of what was probably the internationally best-known North Italian folk group, La Ciapa Rusa from Piedmont, with Maurizio Martinotti, Bruno Raiteri and Devis Longo remaining from the original line-up. They continue to present a combination of traditional Piedmontese and original material (songs and tunes) on a range of acoustic instruments including hurdy gurdy, violins and violas, woodwind, guitars and mandoloncello, with keyboards, unobtrusive drums, and bass.
This latest album offers no real surprises, but all the quality and expertise you expect from these fine musicians. Piedmontese music, certainly in the hands of these experts, is easily accessible and very enjoyable.

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