T-Bear & The Dukes Of Rhythm – Let The Sweet Talk Flow …


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T-Bear & The Dukes of Rhythm is an 8-piece combo (featuring an excellent blues shouter) coming from Sweden and knowing how to play rhythm 'n' blues for sure. And the five originals on "Let The Sweet Talk Flow..." written by T-Bear prove they can deliver solid originals too. They have roots in the 40's and the 50's but they are not a retro band. The global sound has a modern edge and would please fans of the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Little Charlie & The Night cats, as well as, fans of T-Bone Walker. OK, it’s often cold in Sweden, but T-Bear’s blues glow. It glows with passion and honesty, in the firm conviction that the blues is here to stay.

Track Listing:
1. Boogie and Soul - 2:30   2. Lipstick Woman - 3:58   3. Please Love Me - 3:30   4. Don't Touch Me Baby - 4:11   5. That's What the Blues Is All About - 3:23   6. Do You Think I'm Wrong - 2:45   7. Let the Sweet Talk Flow - 3:27   8. T-Bear Blues - 4:08   9. She Moves Me - 3:36   10. Barefootin' - 2:33   11. Baby Please Don't Lie to Me - 3:08   12. You're Gonna Need Me - 3:30

Torbjörn Solberg (guitar, vocal) , Jan Lillsäter (bass) , Tore van Baalen (drums) , Berth Arnesson (piano, organ) , Fredrik Myhrberg (guitar) , Jan-Olaf Appel / Göran Ramberg (tenor saxophone) , Jan Nilsson (alto saxophone)