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Sue Raney – Late In Life

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I will always remember the day I was with Shelly Markham and he shared his new CD, “Things I’ve Learned Along the Way.” He especially wanted me to listen to one of the songs he had written (with lyrics by Adryan Russ) called Late in Life. I played it and began to get tears in my eyes. It was the most moving and remarkable moment. The song touched me so much, I knew I had to sing it.
A few weeks later, I called Shelly and told him that I would like their song to be the title song of my new CD. I asked him, also, if he would be my music director and produce the CD. Fortunately, he said yes and we began to choose songs that followed the same subject matter—songs that tell stories of meeting someone when you least expect it—a happening that becomes the most wonderful event of someone’s life, and the blessing of everything one has always hoped and wished for.
Shelly became not only my producer, but also my arranger and orchestrator providing his innovative musical ideas, his devotion to making everything as perfect as possible (which he did). I am grateful to him for his great talent and enduring friendship.
This CD is also a dedication to my most wonderful husband, Carmen, whom I did meet later in my life and felt, when I met him (and still feel), very lucky that we found each other.
Thanks to Andy Waterman and Umbrella Media for creating a perfect studio situation, and for lending his expertise to every song.
From the beginning of this project to the end result, each moment of this endeavor was, without a doubt, some of the most rewarding musical adventures I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.

Sue Raney (From the inside liner notes)

Track Listing:
1. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Rodgers-Hart) - 3:06   2. At Last (Gordon-Warren) - 4:44   3. Till Him (Brooks) - 2:16   4. Late In Life (Markham-Russ) - 5:03   5. You Are Not My First Love (Howard-Evindsor) - 2:32   6. The Second Time Around (Cahn-Van Heusen) - 3:11   7. It Amazes Me (Coleman-Leigh) - 4:09   8. You Taught My Heart To Sing (Tyner-Cahn) - 4:46   9. On My Way to You (Legrand-Bergman-Bergman) - 4:22   10. Something New In My Life (Legrand-Bergman-Bergman) - 3:11   11. My Ideal / Long Ago And Far Away (Whiting-Robin-Chase / Kern-Gershwin) - 4:59   12. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Kahn-Brown) - 3:30   13. When I Look In Your Eyes (Bricusse) - 4:19

All arrangements by Shelly Markham

Sue Raney (vocals) , Shelly Markham (piano) , Jeff Driskill (alto sax on #3,5,7,8,12, tenor sax on #1,2, clarinet on #4,10 and flute on #6) , Barry Zweig (guitar) , Kevin Axt (bass) , MB Gordy (drums & percussion).

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Andy Waterman at Umbrella Media Studio, Chatsworth, California, in June 2014
Assisted by Steve Wilk & Luke Fackler
Photos: Daniel Reichert
Cover design: Doug Haverty
Produced by Shelly Markham & Sue Raney
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol

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