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Soulmates – Mississippi Soupbone

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MISSISSIPPI SOUPBONE... the tasty concocted by The Soulmates. Nine songs, featuring six strong originals, takes this Twin Cities blues quintet to a new level. Driven by hard-hitting harpist Steve Vonderharr and soulful Wilbur Cole on keys, The Soulmates play Chicago-style with a tough edge. Lead guitar Johnny O., bassist Bill Pelletier and drummer Tom Donnohue all contribute powerhouse grooves and rides with everyone taking a turn at vocals. The album title playfully refers to a southern slang term for "a good-lookin' woman." headliners Magazine says... "their sound and presence is unequaled today on the local scene.. The Soulmates have soul!"

Track Listing:
1. Mississippi Soupbone - 3:57   2. San Ho Zay - 4:08   3. Please Help Me - 6:03   4. Boyz Will Be Boys - 2:23   5. All of the Time - 3:22   6. The Cost of Your Love - 2:47   7. Little Red Rooster - 8:47   8. Nothing You Can Do - 3:18   9. Mustang Sally - 4:43

Steve Vonderharr (haarmonica, vocals) , Wilbur Cole (keyboards, vocals) , Johnny O’Keefe (guitars, vocals) , Bill Pelletier (bass, vocals) , Tom Donnohue (drums, vocals)