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Ray Minhinnet – Don’t Get Mad Get Even

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Track Listing:
1. Love Like Yours   2. Don't Fool Yourself   3. Never Had The Blues   4. Don't Bother Me   5. Lookin' Back   6. Jumpin' At Shadows   7. Ruby Lips   8. I Wonder   9. Pretty Woman   10. Double Trouble   11. Killing Floor

Ray Minhinnet (guitar, vocals) , Graham Walker (drums) , Andy Pyle (bass) , Chris Parren , Don Airey , Gary Moberly (keys) , Stewart Blandamer , Steve Farr , Nick Payne , Tony Ingram , Andy Beer (saxes) , Tony Hepworth , Noel Morris (trumpets)

Artist Biography:
b. 1943, England. One of the UK’s most talented blues guitarists, at the start of his career in the early 70s Minhinnett played with artists such as Alan Price and Georgie Fame, and also worked as leader of his own group, Highway, a band that included John Elstar, Johnny Gordon, James Hall and Ian Byron. They released Highway in 1974 and Smoking At The Edge the following year on EMI Records. Minhinnett then joined singer Frankie Miller’s Full House in the mid-70s and also played with Phoenix at the start of the 80s and was in John Coghlan’s Diesel Band. Minhinnett was soon concentrating on writing music, sometimes composing in collaboration with others, such as Andy Frazer and his long-term associate Bob Young. He was also musical director for a Sky Television music show.
Although his playing places him firmly in the blues camp, Minhinnett’s composing extends into other areas and he has written music for television drama. He also conceived, wrote and produced for Granada Television the rock documentary film, Curves. This was well received at the Montreux Golden Globes and has been screened in many countries. The film spun off a book, The Story Of The Fender Stratocaster: Curves, Contours And Body Horns, which Minhinnett co-wrote with Young and was published in 1995. There was also a three-part BBC Radio 1 series, Curves, Contours And Body Horns.