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Magic Slim & The Teardrops – The Highway Is My Home – Zoo Bar Collection Vol. 5


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Track Listing:
1. My Buddy Buddy Friends - 6:58   2. Cold Women With Warm Hearts - 9:24   3. Highway Is My Home - 6:07   4. Mustang Sally - 8:21   5. Not the Same Person - 12:31   6. Let Me Love You Baby - 6:01   7. Possum in My Tree - 9:22   8. Reelin' and Rockin' - 4:38   9. She Belongs to Me - 4:30   10. Hide Away - 3:09

Magic Slim (guitar, vocals) , John Primer (guitar, vocals) , Nick Holt (bass, vocals) , Michael Scott (drums, vocals)


1. Amazon.com – Dimitri – 19.02.
Magic Slim belongs to that category of bluesmen and artists in general, who do not have major downturns during their careers, do their job extremely well and never let themselves leave the borders of the territory they rule. If there is a bluesman in a strictest interpretation of this term, bluesman who never tried experiments and permanently remained within the boundaries of the genre, Magic Slim is to be mentioned first.
This definition is founded on his prolific career consisting of both studio and live recorded performances which in total exceed three dozens to the joy of blues lovers, let alone great deal of gigs, tours, concerts and festival appearances. This album is another pearl in a chain being the last in a series of recorded live performances at famous Zoo Bar of Lincoln, NE where Magic Slim was permanent resident during 1970-80s.
No weak point, no, as usual, nothing below high standards set by Mr. Holt himself. Magic Slim is most impressive when he's raw, free of bothersome producers, prejudice and...and here he is, just him and his audience and the Blues tying them for life.
Finest Chicago Blues performed by one of the greatest original exponents of the genre.

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