Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Tin Pan Alley


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Het nieuwste studio album van deze Chicago blues topartiest. De dertiende cd voor Wolf. Hier zijn The Teardrops wel in hun beste bezetting dwz met John Primer en Magic Slims's broertje Nick Holt. Enkele weken geleden waren Magic Slim en zijn Teardrops nog voor 2 uitverkochte concerten in de Banana Peel Club in Ruiselede.

Slim’s sound is perhaps the tightest of all Chicago blues bands working at the present time. He played Chicago’s blues clubs, and took over for Hound Dog Tayor at Florence’s, the popular blues bar on the city’s South side. Since the early 80s he tours Europe every 2 years and plays on every important blues festival all around the world. Slim recorded his first Wolf CD in 1986 in Chicago. This CD won a W.C. Handy Award, and so did the following Cds for Wolf Records – one with his brother Nick and the other one with live recordings. His best studio recordings can be heard on the Wolf Cd “Magic Blues”. Last, but not least, Slim is great presented on four live Cds, titled “The Zoo Bar Collection”. These recordings have been published in the 90s, as well as two Cds for Blind Pig. The CD “Tin Pan Alley”“ – his last one in the 20th century – shows Slim at his best: Live & cooking with the best blues band on the planet: the Teardrops (including John Primer & Nick Holt).

Track Listing:
1. Tell Me What You Got On Your Mind - 4:30   2. Cold Hearted Woman - 5:14   3. Please Don’t Leave Me - 3:29   4. Born In The Country - 6:14   5. Baby Please Don’t Say Goodbye - 2:58   6. She Was Walking Down Through The Park - 5:51   7. Bad Luck - 6:02   8. Texas Flood - 5:48   9. Close To You - 4:35   10. Goin’ To California - 6:34   11. Tin Pan Alley - 7:15   12. Cold Women With Warm Hearts - 6:37

Magic Slim (guitar, vocals) , John Primer (guitar on 1,2,6-12) , Michael Dotson (guitar on 3-5) , Nick Holt (bass) , Earl Howell (drums on 1, 2, 6-12) , Allen Kirk (drums on 3-5)


1. AllMusic - Steve Leggett
Although Mississippi born, Magic Slim (Morris Holt) plays Chicago blues, pure and simple. His gruff, Howlin' Wolf-styled vocals are as constant and as powerful as the wind off of Lake Michigan, and his bright, brittle, and biting lead guitar lines sting like the first hard frost of winter, then turn and brilliantly fuss under his vocals until it's time to sting again. A set of classic Slim, Tin Pan Alley was recorded between 1992 and 1998 in Chicago and various spots in Europe, with the domestic dates featuring his brother Nick Holt on bass, John Primer on second guitar, and Earl Howell on drums, while the overseas sessions substitute in Michael Dotson on second guitar and Allen Kirk on drums. The personnel changes don't matter one bit, since everything chugs along on Slim's singing and guitar playing anyway, and the set is darn near seamless. Highlights include the ragged and brisk "Please Don't Leave Me," a solid "Texas Flood," a live take on "Tin Pan Alley," and textbook covers of B.B. King's "Bad Luck," Willie Dixon's "Close to You," Albert King's "Goin' to California," and Mack Rice's "Cold Women with Warm Hearts." It all adds up to nearly an hour's worth of modern Chicago blues with no tricks and no frills, or in other words, exactly what you'd expect from Magic Slim.

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