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Magic Slim & The Teardrops – I’m Gonna Play The Blues


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Morris Holt, known as Magic Slim was one of the best Chicago Blues musician ever, with his band The Teardrops, he made history! They won 3 times the Blues Music Award (W. C. Handy Award) with Wof Records International! The new album “I`m Gonna Play The Blues ” from Magic Slim, show what Magic Slim was great in, performing on stage, he was a great show man! On this album are live recordings from the legendary concert in Vienna 2010! The Recordings are amazing, very clear sound, we worked together with the TV so all the recordings are produced with high quality ! This Album is going to be one of his best ever, we put a lot work and love into this album, beacause we want to give all of his fans and blues lovers something great ! Band: BJ on drums, Andre Howard on bass, Jon McDonald guitar

Track Listing:
1. Come On In This House -   2. I’m Gonna Play The Blues -   3. Please Don’t Dog Me  -   4. 4:59 A.M. -   5. It Hurts Me Too -   6. Think -   7. Love Somebody -   8. Playin’ With My Mind -   9. So Easy To Love You -   10. She’s Tough -   11. The Things That I Used To Do -   12. That Will Never Do -   13. Bad Boy -   14. Older Woman -   15. Rough Dried Woman -  


1. - 06.06.2019
A pesar de su fallecimiento hace unos pocos años el recuerdo del gran Magic Slim permanece en el corazón y la mente de muchos aficionados al blues de Chicago y especialmente en la compañiía austriaca Wolf de la que fue un artista icónico y por el que su propietario Hans Folterbauer sentía una profunda admiración y respeto. Wolf Records publica ahora un disco grabado en directo desde el Vienna Blues Spring Festival en su edición del año 2010. Legendarios músicos como John Primer o Nick Holt habían dejado la banda The Teardrops, uno por iniciar un proyecto propio y el otro por su desgraciado fallecimiento, sin embargo sus sustitutos Jon McDonald a la guitarra y voces, Andre Howard al bajo y Brian Jones a la batería supieron estar a la misma altura en este memorable concierto que aquí se recoge y que todos aquellos que tengan la oportunidad de escuchar podrán comprobar el climax que crearon en el escenario. El álbum incluye trece blues extraídos de aquel concierto, mas un tema grabado en estudio en el que figuran el hermano de Magic Slim, Nick Holt al bajo y John Primer a la guitarra. Además de un impecable sonido de una excelente calidad, el feeling, la magia y el tórrido encanto del blues de Chicago interpretado por Magic Slim, volverá a surtir el mismo y admirable efecto que producía en todos aquellos que siempre hemos admirado a este intenso bluesman. BUENISIMO

Despite he passed away a few years ago. the memory of great Magic Slim still remains in the heart and soul of many Chicago blues fans and especially in Austrian label Wolf Records where he was an icon artist, respected and admired by his owner Hans Folterbauer. Wolf Records now publishes an album recorded live from the 2010 edition of Vienna Blues Spring Festival. Legendary musicians like John Primer or Nick Holt had left his band The Teardrops, one to start his own project and the other one because he sadly passed away, but the replacing musicians Jon McDonald on guitar and vocals, Andre Howard on bass and Brian Jones on drums shone at same high level in that unforgettable show, which has been gathered in this recording so, those who have the opportunity to listen to it, will immediately feel the climax they got on stage. The album includes thirteen blues coming from that very special night, plus a song recorded on studio where you will find Magic Slim’s brother Nick Holt on bass and John Primer on guitar. Besides a faultless high quality sound, the feeling, the magic and the warm appeal and attraction of Magic Slim’s Chicago blues, will get the same incredible effect it has always produced in all those who have always admired the music of this intense bluesman. ESSENTIAL.

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