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Harry Case – In A Mood

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An untouchable and authentic album from outsider American guitarist Harry Case. Clever drum machine programming and synth lines, effortless smooth jazz guitar, and a breezy, new age sensibility. Each song is uniquely crafted, hitting a funky hotel lobby samba on "Midnight Samba" and classical guitar/synth reggae on the album's moody title track. "Chasing The Goon" and "Jam (At Your Party)" are high tempo party tracks where Case's jazz guitar and drumming are in full force. The percussive new age-y "Native Drums" is reminiscent of Wally Badarou's - Echoes

Track Listing:
1. Ride 'Em Off   2. Native Drums   3. Chasing The Goon   4. Quick-Wire   5. Jam (At Your Party)   6. Carry Me Home   7. Midnight Samba   8. In A Mood   9. Air Dancer   10. Mother-San

Harry Case (guitar, vocals) , Tex Awonzee (piano, wind instruments) , Casio Bhiton (bass, Sub-tone image) , ‘Foot’ Lawson (drums, native drums) , Iseekawaytoo (percussion, native drums) , ‘Electric’ Martin (symphony, effects)