Fred Chapellier – Plays Peter Green – Live Recording


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Chapellier’s own tribute to the legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist (BB King used to say that he gave him chills) concentrated on his 1967-1970 period. Fred brings his own personal touch to the master works, staying as close as possible to the sound of the times and to the spirit of the original versions. Total success!

Track Listing:
1. If You Be My Baby – 5:12   2. Like It This Way – 3:50   3. Long Grey Mare – 3:12   4. Merry Go Round – 5:21   5. Rolling Man – 4:05   6. Black Magic Woman – 6:43   7. Looking For Somebody – 4:44   8. A Fool No More – 7:18   9. Fleetwood Mac Theme – 3:25   10. Oh Well – 4:12   11. Love That Burns – 8:24   12. Watch Out – 3:49   13. Albatross – 3:33   14. Stop Messing Around – 4:07

Fred Chapellier (guitar, vocals) , Patrick Baltran (rhythm guitar) , Christophe Garreau (bass) , Guillaume Destarac (drums) , Pascal ‘Bako’ Mikaélian (harmonica) , Ahmed Mouici (vocal on 2,4,11,14) , Leadfoot Rivet (vocal on 3,5,12)

I have been a fan of Peter Green for many years and I often covered songs from his repertoire such as I Loved Another Woman, A Fool No More or Long Grey Mare. As time goes by, keeping playing these tunes and exchanging with my audience, I discovered that few people really knew Greeny and his work. It seems to me to be unjust because I consider Peter Green to be as important as Albert King or even BB King who said that “Green has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats.” Even though some are familiar with the names Peter Green or Fleetwood Mac (of whom he was the guitar player), many are those who missed the gold mine made up of titles such as Love That Burns, Oh Well, Albatross or even Black Magic Women. Yes, this song was really written by Peter Green and not by you-know-who. All that inspired me to make people discover -or rediscover- these fabulous songs through a series of concerts culminating by a live recording. But you need humility if you want to get to grips with Peter Green’s repertoire. My approach was to keep the spirit of the sound and the arrangements of the times and to stay close to the original versions without forgetting to add my own personal touch. I also decided to focus on Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac repertoire from 1967 to 1970. To round off the celebration, I gathered a few musicians and artists friends totally consistent with the objective : Ahmed Mouici (ex Pow Wow) and Alain “Leadfoot” Rivet, as well as my old “podnah” Pascal “Bako” Mikaelian on harp, an instrument also mastered by Peter. We’ve put all our hearts in the project and I sincerely hope that this album will give you the occasion to discover or rediscover Greeny’s body of work because he is a monument and, as we say “render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” or, to put it simply, give credit where credit is due. Hats off, Mister Green...! FRED CHAPELLIER

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