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The Delta Blues musicians are really exposed these days in several excellent movies and, around this events, Eric Bibb could be considered as a kind of modern interpreter of this tradition. This new album « Friends » is a strong reunion between all the living legends : Odetta, Taj Mahal, Charlie Musselwhite, Guy davis. The Delta road is paved of gold by this acoustic veterans of the Blues legacy. Bibb is a Blue taylor and he brings eternity to the Delta blues style. Blues is not only a music, but a true living.

Track Listing:
1. 99 1/2 Won’t Do - featuring Guy Davis - 3:33   2. Six O'Clock Blues - featuring Charlie Musselwhite - 4:17   3. Goin' Down Slow - featuring Taj Mahal - 4:42   4. Lovin' In My Baby ’s Eyes - featuring Mamadou Diabate - 3:19   5. For You - featuring Ruthie Foster - 4:50   6. The Cape - featuring Eric Bibb - 3:22   7. 'Tain T' Such A Much - featuring Odetta - 3:32   8. Needed Time - featuring Harry Manx - 5:02   9. If I Stayed - featuring Kristina Olsen - 2:04   10. Connected - featuring Eric Bibb - 4:09   11. Ribbons And Bows - featuring Eric Bibb - 4:15   12. Just Look Up - featuring Michael Jerome Browne - 3:37   13. Cowgirl Queen - featuring Eric Bibb - 3:03   14. Kalanjan / Sebastian’s Tune - featuring Taj Mahal - 3:26   15. Dance Me To The End Of Love - featuring – Eric Bibb - 4:44

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