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Beuk – Dynamiet


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The EP ‘Dynamiet’ contains six songs hailing five decades of rock music. From classic hard rock to punk and back, produced by Ace Zec and mastered by Grammy Awardwinner Alan Douches from New York.

Track Listing:
1. Dynamiet - 2:26   2. Hel Van De Planeet - 3:39   3. Turbotine - 2:17   4. Alles Wat Je Wil - 1:43   5. Geniale Gypsy - 4:19   6. Tijdbom - 2:38

Roel Jacobus (vocals, bass) , Meyke Demey (guitar) , Laurent De Moor (drums) , Frank Dubbe (voice on 6) , Ines Defurne (backing vocals on 2) , Tara Jacobus / Martine Lippens / Dennis Vanaudenaerde (backing vocals on 3)

Ace Zec (artistic producer - Oceanside Studio Ostend))
Alain Douches (mastering - West West Side Studios New York)

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