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This classic first album by Blue Steele is now available on CD. Energized rockin' blues is delivered in fine fashion, with a raw, powerful attack that keeps a listener's ears right at speaker level. "Blue Steele is a strong, solid blues band, firmly in the tradition, with tasteful players all the way around and good vocals." - Bruce Iglauer. Ernie Steele's harp playing abilities are as formidable as is his ample girth. Relying primarily on a large core of up-tempo blues and rock standards and an occasional original, Blue Steele forges a record of substantial entertainment value. The band mixes danceable blues with rock and boogie, and the results speak for themselves.

Track Listing:
1. Blow Wind Blow – 3:51   2. We're Gonna Move – 3:51   3. My Babe – 4:02   4. Mystery Dance – 1:30   5. Help Me – 6:50   6. Carol – 3:26   7. Getting Tired of Waiting – 3:33   8. Woke Up This Morning – 4:19   9. My Babe’s Gone – 3:41   10. Heart Tree – 3:49   11. Five Long Years – 9:10   12. Papa Come Quick – 2:24

Ernie steel (harp, vocals) , Joe Chiocca (guitar, vocals) , Mark Jarvis (guitar) , Tom Irion (basss) , Jim Alvey (drums, vocals)

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