Big Rhythm Combo – Too Small To Dance


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Mixing up the tempos, these blues luminaries (Lynwood Slim, Kid Ramos, Richard Innes, Fred Kaplan) successfully create the sense of being in a smoke-filled blues bar of the 50's. They can rock, jump and bop it or stroke so sensually perfect. The song, "Let it Go" is a classic West Coast blues number that exemplifies a band that was ahead of its time but whose influence is still felt to this day. The sound quality here is just right for the aforementioned atmosphere, while the stellar performances shine through like a searchlight penetrating the night skies. "Too Small To Dance" is all too hard to find, so this is a great opportunity to pick up a classic.

Track Listing:
1. Let It Go - 3:31   2. (I Have) Nothing Left - 3:09   3. I Can't Deny It - 5:55   4. Sure Cure For The Blues - 4:15   5. I Wanna Hug Ya Kiss Ya Squeeze Ya - 3:45   6. Don't Start Crying Now - 3:29   7.  Kiss You in the Morning - 4:22   8. Cleveland, Ohio Blues - 4:05   9. Oil Can Harry - 3:05   10. I Stpped In Quicksand - 5:34   11. Susan Ann - 4:31   12. That Mellow Saxophone - 2:40   13. Song for Mr. Tiny - 3:08   14. Now or Never - 4:04   15. Tell Me That You Love Me - 3:16   16. Big Fat Mama's Are Back In Style Again - 2:54   17. Too Small to Dance - 2:31

Lynwood Slim (vocals, harmonica) , Kid Ramos (guitar) , Richard Innes (drums) , Fred Kaplan (piano, Hammond B3, guitar on 15) , Tyler Pederson (bass) , Spyder Mittleman (saxophone) , Jeff Big Dad Turmes (baritone saxophone) , Tom Dennison (trombone) , Jerry Hall / Richard Duran / Richard Innes / Willem Van Dullemen (backing vocals)

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