Bâton Blue – Weird And Wonderfull Tales


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Releasedate: November 2nd, 2018
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A real discovery! This acoustic duo fed on early blues is playing folk music coming from elsewhere. Using strange and unusual music instruments such as the mongolian luth or the kalimba, the duo creates music linking the USA to Central Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. Gautier’s growling voice echoing Marias’s celestial harmonies are telling us strange and wonderful stories that could have happen to us.
For those who like : Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Karen Dalton, Leadbelly, Blind Willie Johnson, Dead Can Dance...

Track Listing:
1. Yourgo –   2. Sick Ship –   3. Harry Smith –   4. Sarakiniko –  5. Buffalo 7 –   6.Trouble All The Time Part 1 –   7. Trouble All The Time Part 2 –   8. Mark Twain –   9. Robert –   10. Baton Blues -


Maria Laurent :
Maria refined her vocal technique by exploring a wide range of timbres and vocal textures. She draws influence from the most emotive aspects of music: from the long songs of the Mongolian steppes, the invocations of the griot and the cries of Fado singers from the bars of Lisbon. The emotion felt in Billie Holiday’s vocals and the mischievous groove provided by Sister Rosetta Tharpe are having a major effect on her singing style. Raised on the Blues from an early age, her singular appropriation of instruments such as banjo or Mongolian lute (tovshuur) brings new blood and energy into those secular practices, helping to define the sensitive, organic sound of Bâton Bleu. Maria is also the singer in the world music band Meïkhâneh (Buda musique) and Amou Daria.

Gautier Degandt :
Gautier first started music in the tribal post punk band Heraclite that he created and in which he sung in ancient Greek. His voice is inspired by a love of rough and powerful vocals. He draws his influence from the likes of the heavy depth of Leadbelly to the rocky Blind Willie Johnson, the solemn force of Nick Cave and the sensual, wild urgency of James Brown. Gautier’s artistic imagination is often fed by the ancient Greek and Mediterranean cultures, providing the backdrop for much of his poetic lyrics. His passion for blues and its contemporary expression owe much to his meeting with the bluesman Seth Augustus, himself a pupil of a famous musician, the late Paul Pena. Gautier is also the singer and leader of a new Trance Afro Rock band : Visage Brûlé.