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Backtrack Blues Band – Killin’ Time

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Track Listing:
1. Killin' Time – 3:02   2. Heavy Built Woman – 4:21   3. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' – 3:00   4. Like It or Not – 3:33   5. Work to Do – 4:18   6. Babe Oh Babe – 3:07   7. Come on to Me Mama – 3:38   8. Don't Need Nobody – 3:43   9. I Make My Home in Florida – 4:05   10. You'll Come Back Someday – 3:25

Sonny Charles (lead vocals, amplified & acoustic harmonicas) , Spider Ingram (lead guitar, vocals) , Little Johnny Walter (rhythm guitar, vocals) , Sloppy Joe (bass, vocals) , Gary 'Bab' Babich (drums)


1. AllMusic - Alex Henderson 
There are those who will tell you that white musicians are incapable of playing the blues convincingly -- that they don't have it in them to play genuinely gritty blues. But that silly and racist myth is exploded by the Backtrack Blues Band, a white blues-rock unit whose influences include Louisiana swamp blues, Chicago blues, and the innovations of John Lee Hooker. A few of the tunes on Killin' Time are unremarkable, but most of the time, these guys are as confident as they are infectious. Backtrack isn't afraid to play dirty and lowdown, and that lack of slickness works to the Florida quintet's advantage on smokers like "Come On to Me Mama," "Cruisin' for a Bluesin'," and "Babe Oh Babe." Backtrack throws listeners a curve ball with "Don't Need Nobody," a 1970s-type funk tune along the lines of Tower of Power. Although far from well known, Killin' Time is definitely worth searching for.

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