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Alabama Red – Windy City Blues


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Alabama Red was born 1927 in Panola Alabama. He learned singing, playing guitar and piano in churches. In the 40's he moved to Chicago there he performed with his own band in Blues clubs and churches! He played at the Mississippi Blues Festival & Chicago Blues Festival. In the 80's he gave Wolf Records a cassette with these great gospel & blues songs and told me to publish these. He died 2006 in Chicago. He was an excellent singer and on this CD you can listen to one of the greatest Chicago Blues voices! You can hear Alabama Red just on one song on one other CD, a christmas CD from the label Electro-Fi Records, so this is worldwide the only CD of Alabama Red. This CD is a document of the Chicago Blues from the 80's and 90's, especially after the death of Magic Slim where real Blues recordings are very rare.

Track Listing:
1. Goin' Home For Christmas - 4:34   2. Windy City Blues - 4:52   3. I Love Texarkana - 2:34   4. Too Late - 5:35   5. Strange Feeling - 3:09   6. Ghetto Blues - 5:27   7. Lucille - 2:25   8. How Much Longer - 5:24   9. I'm Ready To Go Home - 3:43   10. I Have A Friend - 5:35   11. Help Me To Spend This Gold - 3:02   12. Oh Lord Help The Blind - 5:47   13. Airport Blues - 2:57


1. lahoradelblues.com - 2014.01.02
Alabama Red es el nombre profesional de un músico de blues poco conocido y que, en realidad, se llama Curtis Ray. Alabama Red nació en 1927 en Panola, Alabama y aprendió a cantar y a tocar la guitarra y el piano en las diferentes iglesias locales que frecuentó cuando era un chaval. Como tantos otros hombres negros, emigró a Chicago durante los años cuarenta, formando muy pronto sus propia banda y tocando tanto en iglesias como en los clubs de blues de la ciudad. De hecho, nunca tuvo demasiada suerte en lo que a grabar discos se refiere. En los años ochenta Alabama Red entregó un casette a Hannes Folterbauer, propietario de Wolf Records, para que lo editara en disco. Ahora, después de muchos años, tenemos la oportunidad de escucharlas en éste cd sobrecogedor. La fuerza y la pasión desbordantes que se desatan en cada uno de los trece temas que aquí se recogen, son verdaderamente arrolladoras. Alabama Red voz, piano y guitarra, Jimmy Johnson guitarra, posiblemente Alan Batts órgano y Howard Scott guitarra y completamente desconocidos el armónica, bajo, batería y saxo. Un gran disco de blues de Chicago representativo de lo que se hacía en aquella ciudad durante los años ochenta. Desgraciadamente “Windy City Blues” es el único álbum que existe de éste bluesman fallecido en 2006. IMPRESCINDIBLE. 

Alabama Red is the professional nickname of a quite unknown blues musician, named Curtis Ray. Alabama Red was born in 1927 in Panola, Alabama and learned to sing and to play guitar and piano in different local churches he used to go when he was a kid. Like so many other black men, he travelled and settled in Chicago during the forties and soon he formed his own band, playing regularly both in churches and around city blues clubs. In fact, he was not a lucky man, because he never had the chance to go to the recording studios. In the eighties Alabama Red gave a cassette with some of his music to Hannes Folterbauer, Wolf Records owner, to be published on a record. Now and after so many years, we can finally listen to his music in this impressing album. The overflowing rolling strength and passion of the thirteen songs, is really amazing. Alabama Red is on vocals, piano and guitar, Jimmy Johnson guitar, possibly Alan Batts organ and Howard Scott guitar and completely unknown harmonica, bass, drums and sax players. A great Chicago blues album that perfectly shows the music you could listen in that city during the eighties. Unfortunately "Windy City Blues" is the only album of this bluesman who died in 2006. ESSENTIAL.