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The Gears

Rockin’ at Ground Zero

Classic L.A. punk album is bakc, with much more!  Included here is the complete 1980 ‘Rockin’ At Ground Zero’ LP…

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Annie et Artus

Le Carthophone Adorable

7″ / 33 vinyl

Track Listing: A. 1. La vague –   2. Mes parents sont venus me chercher –   3. La mariole –   4….

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Mr. B and J.C. Heard

Partners in Time


Track Listing:A 1. Down The Road Apiece – 3:00   2. Little Brother – 4:10   3. He May Be Your…

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Dave Peabody & Bob Greenwood

The Cat’s Whiskers


Track Listing: A. 1. Wah Hoo – 3:02   2. Sweet Georgia Brown – 2:06 B. 1. I Had Someomne Else Before I…

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Rose-Marie And The Happy Peanuts

Mini CD

Track Listing: 1. The Morning Light – 2:51   2. A Nursery Rhyme – 1:43   3. Rappin’ – 1:04

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Pierre Odaert

Le vieux guitariste / Le dernier chez Leon

Track Listing: A. 1. Le vieux guitariste – 2:25 B. 1. Le dernier chez Leon – 2-36

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Pierre Gahide

L’brocanteux des saisons

Ma terre

7″ vinyl

Track Listing: A. 1. L’brocanteux des saisons B. 1. Ma terre Personnel: Pierre Gahide (vocals) , Francis Roge (guitar) ,…

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She Rolls / It’s Allright Part Two

Deleted as physical product. 0nly available as download. Welcome to Belgian Metal History! This little-known West-Flanders outfit seems to have…

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Dicky Benson

When I See Your Face

Take Me Back To Arkansas

Track Listing: A. 1. When I See Your Face – 3:38 B. 1. Take Me Back To Arkansas – 3:10 Personnel: Dicky…

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Jerry Deewood

Lovers In Between / I’ll Tell The World

Track Listing: A. 1. Lovers In Between – 2:45 B. 1. I’ll Tell The World – 2:50 Personnel: Jerry Deewood…

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