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Istanbul Tango 1927-1953

Old World Tangos Vol. 4

Track Listing: Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi: 1. Tango Türk / Tango Turque – 2:45  Fikriye Hanim: 2. San Samur – 2:49 …

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Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

Bad Old Songs

Track Listing: 1. A Meydl From Berlin – 3:58   2. Love Lays Low – 3:05   3. Good Od Bad Old…

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Eli Mellul

Marrakesh East

Judeo-Moroccan Piyutim

Track Listing: 1. Al Ahavatech (For My Love) – 6:35   2. Yotzer Miado (Creared By His Hand) – 6:08   3….

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Sing Till The Sun Sets

Folk Ensembles from the Aginsk-Buryat Region Of Siberia Track Listing: Ensemble ‘Sakhor’ (Flint) Of Tsagaan-Chelutay Village: 1. Erbed Sokhor (Star-Marked…

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Nostalgico Puerto Rico

If salsa was born in New York at the end of the 60s, it is rooted in the musical movement,…

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Les Bushinenge

Neg Mawon De Guyane

The Bushinengé people are descendants of slaves who fled into the Amazonian Jungle of French Guiana. They have maintained strong links…

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Nostalgique Kongo

The transplantation of Afro-Cuban rumba to Congo is one of the most important events in the history of African music.On…

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Bâton Blue

Weird And Wonderfull Tales

Releasedate: November 2nd, 2018 Pre-order possible A real discovery! This acoustic duo fed on early blues is playing folk music…

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Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings

Outlaw Reunion Vol. 2

The greatest musicians of country music, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, come together for Outlaw Reunion, vol. 2. This is…

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John Lee Hooker

Boogie Chillun

John Lee Hooker is best known for his electric guitar-style adaptation of the Delta blues. He is the first to…

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