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The Herdsmen & The Kentonians

Paris Sessions 1954-1956


The recording sessions in this CD have much in common with one another, and respond to the stir generated in…

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John Benson Brooks

Folk Jazz U.S.A. & Alabama Concerto

John Benson Brooks (1917-1999) had been on the scene for a long time before his 1956 album Folk Jazz, U.S.A….

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The Dave Pell Octet

The Complete Trend Recordings 1953-1954


The success of the Dave Pell Octet was one of the fairy-tale stories of the West Coast jazz of the…

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Joe Carroll

The Epic & Prestige Sessions

Little Joe Carroll (1915-1981) was an exuberant, earthy, modern jazz scat singer with roots going back to Satchmo’s happily distinctive…

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Billy Ver Planck And His Orchestra 1957-1958


Trombonist Billy Ver Planck (1930-2009) wrote for all the big bands of his generation and was among the busiest studio…

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Lucky Thompson

Complete Parisian Small Group Sessions 1956-1959


4 CD Box Set including a 36-page booklet with comprehensive essay by Jordi Pujol, complete sessionography, extensive recording details, rare…

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John Jenkins

Young Jenkins: 1957 Quintet Sessions

Alto saxophonist John Jenkins (1931-1993), was one of the up-and-coming local young voices of the exciting Chicago jazz scene of…

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Lola Albright

The Jazz Singer On The ‘Peer Gunn’ TV Series

Once rather dismissively regarded as one of the few blondes in Hollywood whose hair was its own natural color, the…

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Toni Vaquer And The Voodoo Children Collective

Vol. 1

Track Listing: 1. The Voodoo Kids – 9:48   2. Nosferatu – 11:51   3. Preludio – 9:08   4. Not Just the…

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Lena Bloch

Heart Knows

Track Listing: 1. Lateef Suite – 12:02   2. Heart Knows – 7:47   3. Three Treasures – 6:32   4. French Twist…

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