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Jo Stafford

Pathways Less Explored


A centenary celebration of 106 rarely heard and more familiar tracks. Jo Stafford was an American singer of traditional pop…

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Chuck Berry

Essential Recordings


60 tracks

One of the most important pioneers of rock & roll, Chuck Berry (1926-2017) combined blues, country, and a witty, defiant…

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Judy Garland

Lost Tracks 2



Hailed by The Wall Street Journal, JSP Records’ historic, best-selling 2010 release of the 4CD Judy Garland: Lost Tracks 1929-1959 contained…

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Patty Smyth & Scandal

Goodbye To You!

Best Of The 80’s Live

Patty Smyth, both with her hit band Scandal and as a solo artist, is a true “New Wave Queen” and…

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Byron Lee & The Dragonaires & Friends

Volume 2: Jamaica’s Golden Hits

Byron Lee was the man that brought Ska out from the underground and to the world. Volume 2 brings you…

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Comedian Harmonists

Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus

The Comedian Harmonists were an internationally famous, all-male German close harmonyensemble that performed between 1928 and 1934 as one of the most successful musical…

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Judy Garland

Classic Duets


The perfect blendship. A consummate singer and actress, Judy Garland was also a fine musician capable of blending her voice…

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Eddy Grant


Mulitalented Eddy Grant writes and plays virtually every instrument on this diverse CD that combines island, soul, rock, reggae and…

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Saucy Calypsos Volume One

Track Listing: Mighty Sparrow: 1. Sell the Pussy – 3:47   Duke: 2. Mommy Come and See – 3:56  …

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Ringbang For Kids

Ringbang is variously a Caribbean fusion of music genres, a philosophy, and an aesthetic[1] propounded by Eddy Grant in 1994. In an interview ca. 2000, Grant defined ringbang thus:…

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