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Little Willie Farmer

I’m Coming Back Home

Little Willie Farmer was born 1956 in Duck Hilln Mississippi. He learned the blues from his Uncle Waldo, who also…

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Lowell Fulson

Classic Cuts 1946-1953


Available July 2017 Pre-order possible A founding father of West Coast blues who would later master soul. Lowell Fulson recorded…

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Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi

Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train

On March 24, 2017 M.C. Records will proudly release Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train by the Ambassador of the Blues, Guy Davis…

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For a long time already considered to be amongst the best dj’s of Paris, melting pot of the cultures of…

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Titi Winterstein

The Best Of

Titi Winterstein is clearly the one when it comes to Gypsy Jazz Group The music includes Jazz, folk Gypsy, Hungarian,…

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3rd Irish Folk Festival In Concert

The growing popularity of Celtic music in the 1970’s was due in large part to eventssuch as the Irish Folk…

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2nd Irish Folk Festival On Tour

Track Listing: George Furey & Ted Furey: 1. The Sligo Maid – 2:07   2. The Garden Where the Pratties…

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Eddy Grant


Mulitalented Eddy Grant writes and plays virtually every instrument on this diverse CD that combines island, soul, rock, reggae and…

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Saucy Calypsos Volume One

Track Listing: Mighty Sparrow: 1. Sell the Pussy – 3:47   Duke: 2. Mommy Come and See – 3:56  …

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Ringbang For Kids

Ringbang is variously a Caribbean fusion of music genres, a philosophy, and an aesthetic[1] propounded by Eddy Grant in 1994. In an interview ca. 2000, Grant defined ringbang thus:…

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